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Salix Fruits is looking to give its customers a unique service, that is why our philosophy is about adding value: customer focused, 24/7 response, market experience and deep knowledge in the fruit business.

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We supply a unique service customer focused with 24/response,
Deep knowledge in the fruit business with 30 years market experience
and year-round supply from differents countries with the highest quality fruit.


Apples The apple is an ovoid fruit, sometimes elongated or round. Once harvested, they are stored in boxes with cellophane film or plastic. Refrigeration is controlled to prevent water loss and skin wrinkling.
Pears Pear is one of the most important fruits produced in temperate climates. Skin may be green, yellow, reddish, pink, or brown. The pulp, when green, is hard and slightly acidic, and when ripe is white or cream.
Grapes is a fruit gathered from the vine. They come in clusters and are relatively small. They are eaten fresh or used to make wine and vinegar.

Oranges Orange is a citrus fruit obtained from the several orange tree species. Underneath has a white layer that surrounds the juicy pulp which is orange to reddish, divided into 8-10 segments, which may or may not have seeds.

Tangerines Tangerine is a fruit similar to an orange, but smaller, with a more aromatic flavor and easier to peel. Both the skin and the flesh are orange but some varieties are orange-red. Its peel is rough and generally it is not adhered to the fruit, although there are some that are.

Kiwis The kiwi is an exotic fruit that comes from the slopes of the Himalayas, particularly in Mainland China. It is an elliptical berry lightly covered with a hairy skin and a greenish-brown color. The flesh is green and contains small black little seeds down in the middle of the pulp.

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  • I've been working with Salix for 6 months now and am more than satisfied with the results they've delivered. We were able to achieve above average results with the, since they were able to identify options for all of our fruit.
    - Luis Velazco, Argentina
  • I have Salix as a trustable supplier from South America. We have done many businesses with the russian companies and the fruit they have shipped showed to be in perfect shape and with excellent marketing conditions.
    - Alexander Smirnov, Russia