Apples The apple is an ovoid fruit, sometimes elongated or round. Once harvested, they are stored in boxes... more info
Pears Pear is one of the most important fruits produced in temperate climates. Skin may be green, yellow... more info
Grapes is a fruit gathered from the vine. They come in clusters and are relatively small. They are eaten fresh...more info
Oranges Orange is a citrus fruit obtained from the several orange tree species. Underneath has a white layer that surrounds...more info

Lemons Lemon is a fruit originated in Asia that has high content of vitamin C. Its peel is between yellow and green...more info
Kiwis The kiwi is an exotic fruit that comes from the slopes of the Himalayas, particularly in Mainland China. It is an...more info

Bananas Banana is native to Southeast Asia and is cultivated in tropical regions. Its shape is elongated...more info
Pomegranates The pomegranate is a fruit formed by the amalgamation of several unit-like fruitlets. It is a round berry...more info
Blueberries The blueberry comes mainly from cold regions of both hemisphere, although there are also tropical species...more info
Tangerines Tangerine is a fruit similar to an orange, but smaller, with a more aromatic flavor and easier to peel. Both the skin...more info
Cherries The cherry is a drupe, with fleshy pulp and a single rounded seed. Main production countries are Spain and the US...more info
Avocados The avocado is a tree native of Mexico. Its size, depending on the variety, is about 7 to 20 cm long...more info
Plums Plum is a drupe, with fleshy pulp and a single seed. The yellow ones are juicy and of sour taste, the reds are also juicy...more info
Grapefruits The grapefruit is a hybrid tree originated in the Caribbean. It is covered with a thick skin, and a fleshy detached yellow ...more info
Peaches The peach is a rounded drupe, and has inside a big pit that contains a seed. In some varieties the pit is tightly...more info