Product Description

We have a very good production base in Argentina and Peru, where you can easily complement your Turkish supply. Brown Turkey variety is our main one.


South Africa


Brown Turkey

About Salix Fruits

Salix Fruits is a global fruit trading company with HQ in USA, Argentina and South Africa
An innovative company of Fresh People, Salix Fruits markets its products complying with all quality standards that clients and consumers need. Salix Fruits prides itself in being able to supply its customers with fresh fruit on a year round basis through comprehensive systems and trustworthy growers. Its North American suppliers are based in the US and Mexico.

In South America, fruit is offered from Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, Peru and Ecuador. Salix Fruits also exports fruit from European countries such as Spain and Italy as well as from the Republic of South Africa.
With its global partners, trust Salix Fruits to be always in season and able to reach your market.

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