Fruit Logistica 2020: business, friends and good news!

A few days ago we took part of FRUIT LOGISTICA in Berlin.

This global scenario of the fresh fruit business allows us to meet customers and partners face to face: 3,200 exhibitors and more than 78,000 professional visitors who are part of the international fresh produce market.
It is the fourth year in a row that we participate in this Fair with our own stand having exceptional opportunities to meet our customers, suppliers and friends.

Fruit Logistica 2020

As you know, we are a business company based in USA. We export Washington apples and have an import operation on the East Coast, in Philadelphia, where we trade lemons from Argentina, Turkey and Spain. We also import Moroccan mandarins, Mexican oranges and limes from Colombia. We buy in 20 different countries and sell to more than 400 customers in 80 different locations around the world.

Fruit Logistica 2020

This is a very special year for us because we are launching a new app, which our customers and producers can download directly to their phones. We have launched the Beta version and it was very well received! We are already working on the 1.0 version which will be available for download in the coming weeks. Customers will be able to keep track of all the options we have with images of the fruits we offer, the origin and the price.

Fruit Logistica 2020

They can also do a particular search of what they need, and then, once they place the order, they can track the container and documentation. In the case of suppliers, the app will be able to communicate its offers to a database of more than 10,000 clients that we have worldwide.

About Salix

Salix is a global import-export company of fresh fruit, an American Company based in Atlanta. It also has offices in Philadelphia, Chicago, South Africa and Argentina. The firm has more than 15 years of experience in the fresh fruit business. Recently added a new business unit, processed foods.

Salix has a wide portfolio of over 25 produce items, but focuses on apples, lemons, oranges, tangerines, pears and grapes. The company works with more than 80 loyal growers in 18 countries, and 400 customers in 57 countries.

Salix was founded in 2013 by Juan González Pita and Luis Elortondo.