We have already shipped the first apples from the new USA season!

At Salix, we export apples all year round and it is one of the most important fruits for our company. We obtain them from both the northern and southern hemispheres and the USA is a key country in our supply, especially Washington with the Yakima and Wenatchee valleys.

The landscapes of Yakima, Washington's largest apple-growing region, are spectacular. Gentle and undulating mountains, which form an ideal oasis for apple cultivation, through various irrigation systems.

USA Apples

Well known for its earlier and longer growing season, the Yakima region produces high-quality apples in all its varieties.

And Wenatchee, thanks to the torrential rivers of the region, is the heart of the best apples in Washington. Crispy and delicious, they come in all colors and flavors and are the favorites of our customers.

USA Apples

“This season we hope to reach the numbers of 2019, shipping more than half a million boxes to countries such as the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Peru, Honduras, Venezuela, El Salvador, and Ecuador,” says Juan González Pita, Sales Manager of Salix Fruits and adds: “We also export apples from the USA to Bahrain, Indonesia, Guatemala, India, Egypt, Sri Lanka, the Philippines, Malaysia, Turkey, and Spain”.

USA Apples
About Salix

Salix is a global import-export company of fresh fruit, of American origin, the company has more than 15 years of experience in the fresh fruit business.

Salix has a wide portfolio of over 25 produce items but focuses on apples, lemons, oranges, mandarins, pears, and grapes. The company works with more than 80 loyal producers in 18 countries and 400 customers in 57 countries.

Salix is managed by Juan González Pita, Alejandro Moralejo, and Daniel Calvo and was acquired by GrubMarket in 2022.