We expect a better Turkish lemon season than 2020!

The crop is now fully recovered and we expect to exceed one million tons, both for fresh exports and for the domestic market.

After the frosts that affected the 2020-2021 harvest, all varieties have recovered this year, and the early Meyer lemon is on track to have a record season with a growth of 70% compared to the previous one. The increase arrives after an improvement in flowering and fruit sets and thanks to the entry into production of large new plantations.

Turkish Lemons

The Meyer variety, which is harvested from September to the end of November, is exported especially to nearby markets, such as Russia, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe.

Regarding Interdonato, this type of lemon travels better by packing it to more distant destinations such as Canada, Asia, and the USA. Last season, this variety was very affected by frosts and intense heat during the fruit set, but this year it achieved a remarkable recovery, giving excellent quality fruit.

Turkish Lemons

Salix will be receiving the first loads of Turkish Interdonato next week to supply its customers in the American market. This variety, more elongated than usual, has excellent quality and a very soft skin.

From December to April, the loads will be made with the Lamas variety, a fruit that is rounder and of a quality highly appreciated by customers from all over the world.

About Salix

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