Get ready for a new apple season in Turkey! 🍎

The expectations are high among both growers and receivers in the different markets.

We've been on the road, visiting our awesome growers from Adana to Karaman, Isparta, and the North West region. And let me tell you, we saw very serious and professional work being done in the orchards in preparation for the upcoming season.

After a rockin' 2022-2023 season, the overall crop forecast for 2023 isn't entirely clear on the volume front. But here's the scoop: export volume might be a little slower. This is because there was some hail here and there, and also some growers are expecting different degrees of black spot issues. This could mean a bit less Cat 1 action and more fruit cozying up to the domestic market or industry. Also, some more russeting can be seen in the orchards around Egirdir after a month of heavy rains. Yet, we're still looking at a a good volume of high quality fruit for export markets.

The opening prices? Well, packers are seeing some pressure on production cost from farmers, though there is still some uncertainty due to inflation and exchange rate fluctuations.

Regarding varieties:
Red Delicious takes the spotlight, and India is cheering in the front row.
Gala is growing every year with new orchards coming into production, and it's blooming in the Karaman/Nigde hood. Get ready for the harvest, starting from late August to the second week of September, depending on the area.
Granny Smith is also showing off its fabulousness, especially from the North West region including the Challenger variety, with good potential for South East Asia.
● The lineup doesn't stop there – we have Fuji, Pinks, and Golden Delicious, too!

Zooming in on the markets:
India has seen a significant growth in the past 5 years. Demand's gonna hit the roof this time, thanks to a teeny-tiny local crop. There is some concern regarding the comeback of Washington apples after the reduction
in import duties, but still Turkish Red Delicious has earned its place in the Indian market at a more competitive price point.
Middle East will also be important for the different varieties, as well as South East Asia especially for Gala and Granny.
Latin America and Thailand are looking interesting, too – sounds like a promising playground to explore!

And that's not all! Our Turkey lineup includes include cherries and stone fruit (season just ended), figs (starting now), pomegranates (expected to start next month) and citrus (starting with the first lemons in September).

We're already cooking up plans with our fabulous customers, looking forward to a great season! 🍎🍎🍎

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